Exploring High Tatras - Aug 2017

Exploring the High Tatras – Slovakia (Aug 2017)

Exploring the High Tatras  Mountain-biking in the Tatras – Too enthusiastic to take on the downhill part, we didn’t pay attention to the disappearing light, soon we were biking in an ever getting darker environment. A shadow was moving in the dark just about 100m in front of us. Our adrenaline level was rising and we focused hard to make out the contours of this creature. We whispered “Could it be another bear?” After the great success in April, I returned to Slovakia. This time to explore more of the High Tatras, as some of these trails are only … Read more

the art of snow tracking

The Art of Snow Tracking

The Art of Snow Tracking Snow tracking – Already wondered where animals are up to? Where they are moving? Well, with a fresh layer of snow, you can already figure out a lot. Most animals are avoiding human areas and are active during the night. With a more scientific term, it’s called spatial (space) and temporal (time) avoidance. There are a couple of ways to be able to still learn about the animals. For example, you can look for tracks or use camera traps. When looking for tracks is done in the snow, it’s called Snow Tracking. I always … Read more

Wildlife News December 2017

Wildlife News December 2017

Check Out<< Wildlife News – November 2017 <<   Wildlife News December 2017   >> Wildlife News – January 2018 >> Heart-breaking video of starving polar bear stirs controversy among conservationists I guess a lot of you have seen this picture/video passing by on their newsfeed. But overall, it’s a stage some polar bears are going through. It’s a tough time and some seasons are better to find food than others. Polar bears have this huge layer of fat to survive the cold, but also to survive periods which are less productive for finding food. In the end, polar bears are top predators … Read more

Best places to watch wildlife in the canadian rockies

Best Places to Watch Wildlife in the Canadian Rockies

Obviously, the Canadian Rockies are a great place to be. They offer an amazing scenery and the possibility to watch some wildlife. Here you can find some of the best places to watch wildlife in the Canadian Rockies listed. Wildlife is moving around freely in these parks, so there is no guaranty to spot them. Nonetheless, you can increase your chances by taking some easy rules into account. For example: Drive slowly on the roads and keep your eyes open. If you have multiple people in the car, give everybody an area to ‘scan’ for wildlife. Obviously, the driver’s … Read more

Exploring Tatra Region-April 2017

Exploring the High Tatra Region (Slovakia – April 2017)

  Exploring Nature in the Tatra Region, Slovakia (April 2017) April 2017 – I have been to Slovakia several times during winter (White Wilderness 2012-2017) and I figured out I haven’t seen Slovakia in spring or summer. During winter, the High Tatras are all covered in snow and inaccessible. In April (2017), I and a couple of friends explored the Tatra area around Poprad, Slovakia. During this trip, we visited the High Tatras, the Low Tatras, Slovak Paradise and Poloniny National Park. Although the High Tatras were still quite inaccessible, we had some great sightings and adventures, from early … Read more

Christmas Wildlife books 2017

Christmas Shopping with Wildlife Impulse

  Christmas shopping with Wildlife Impulse DISCLAIMER: Affiliate links are used on this page, read further to know more. It’s almost Christmas time! Time to do some online shopping. Here I will list a couple of my all-time favourite books together with some nice deals I could find online. For those who are wondering why I promote other people’s product: Companies have affiliate programs. This basically means for every customer I send to their website, I get a small commission on what they purchase (without additional costs for the customer). Nonetheless, most of the products I mention I have myself … Read more

Wildlife Impulse - Top 75 Wildlife Blogs

Wildlife Impulse on feedspot list of Top 75 Wildlife Blogs

  Wildlife Impulse on feedspot list of Top 75 Wildlife Blogs Great News – Wildlife Impulse is listed in the Feedspot Top 75 Wildlife Blogs. Wildlife Impulse Blog is currently listed at #54, but I’ll work to get it higher on the list. Also have a look at other blogs if you are interested. Check out the list here. Check out other articles from my blog here. Thanks a lot for the support! ​

Wildlife News November 2017

Wildlife News – November 2017

Check Out<< Wildlife News – October 2017 <<   Wildlife News November 2017   >> Wildlife News – December 2017 >> Conservation Technology WWF (UK) has produced a couple of guidelines for using conservation technology. They cover three methods. Camera trapping Acoustic monitoring Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)  The website is very easy to use and has a lot of information available. The information varies from general knowledge to practical advice on planning and implementation. https://www.wwf.org.uk/conservationtechnology/Article: Mongabay – New resource for planning camera trapping, acoustic monitoring and LiDAR projects Interested in camera traps?Check out Camera traps: the basics & Bushnell NatureView review – … Read more

8 inspiration talks on wildlife conservation

8 Inspirational Talks on Wildlife Conservation

8 Inspirational Talks on Wildlife Conservation In this article, you get a list of inspirational talks from dedicated people who want to contribute to wildlife conservation. As a young wildlife biologist, you often have your heroes or goals. These videos might inspire you to explore further or get the motivation you are looking for.  If you know any other great inspirational talks, don’t hesitate to scroll down and put them in the comment section. Most of the videos are TED Talk related. Inspirational Talks 1. Alan Rabinowitz – The Future of Big Cats Dr. Alan Rabinowitz gave an inspirational … Read more

Botswana Adventures- Mini-Series

Botswana Adventures: Mini Docu Series

Botswana Adventures Mini Docu Series Back in 2014, I ‘ve spent some time in Southern Africa, including Botswana. I have found some unprocessed footage and I gave it a try to turned it into a little video series “Botswana Adventures. This series will cover Chobe National Park (Wiki). The last video was filmed in Moremi National Park (Moremi Game Reserve). Once a week I will post a new video. In total there will be 6 videos published. For updates, check the Wildlife Impulse Facebook page and/or subscribe to the Wildlife Impulse YouTube Channel. DISCLAIMER: This article contains a small number … Read more