4. Bear encounter & almost famous

FIeldwork - camera trap

Grizzly encounter

I ‘ve been in Canada for over a month now, during a lot of my walks to put out cameras I came across bear tracks (in the mud, in the snow…). Up until yesterday, I just had seen Grizzlies from the car, but yesterday we came face to face with a grizzly bear during one of our hikes. We just had put out a camera and we were heading up a mountain to put out a second camera… 

We were walking on a path which was surrounded by dense vegetation and after one of the turns, I saw a grizzly bear on the path walking towards us. At first, the bear hadn’t noticed us and I wanted to make sure it knew we were there so started talking to it to make it clear we were humans and not prey. I did some steps backwards and preferred to take my bear spray out instead of my camera, so no pictures of this encounter, but the bear was about 15 meters away from us (so about 45 feet). It looks like my appearance was effective and after a few seconds, the bear decided to turn around and run away.

Grizzly bear looking for food
Elk Canada
red fox Canada
Set of bear tracks

Red fox & a day of filming

On one of the other hikes we encountered a fox, It was a bit less spectacular, so I was able to take some pictures. Although we were not sure this fox was just hungry and wanted food, or was infected with rabies… we will never know, but to be sure we kept our distance. Furthermore, we set up a lot of cameras, both in rainy and sunny weather.

Grizzly bear tracks

Today we had a camera crew joining us for a day in the field, so I might become famous in Canada and it would probably be on the world wide web (Youtube) at some point. But my fans probably need to wait until January or so. I guess I might post it on Facebook by the time I hear from them…

Update: Below you can find the YouTube video: Let’s Go Outdoors: Grizzlies in the Rockies

Herd of elk
Camera trap
swamp in Canada

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