5 reasons to volunteer

5 reasons to volunteer

5 Reasons to Volunteer Volunteering is a popular term and the reasons to volunteer can vary, but I guess we all know someone who came back from a volunteer trip with amazing stories. You can volunteer in different areas from community-based projects (teaching, healthcare) to more environmental projects. There are various reasons for volunteering, whether it’s inspiring yourself, helping others or follow your beliefs, you just have to find the reason(s) which feel(s) right for you. This article is a more general article and aims to inspire you and help you find why you should volunteer and give you … Read more

Wildlife volunteering online Citizen Science camera trap projects

Wildlife volunteering online: Citizen Science Camera Trap Projects

Wildlife volunteering online: Citizen Science Camera Trap Projects There is a growing base for citizen science projects. If you are interested in wildlife volunteering online, here are a couple of projects you can join. These projects are focused on using citizens to analyse some of their camera trap footage. This is a great way to see nice camera trap pictures and help projects analysing the data. Camera traps are a great way to research areas, and the set up is very cost efficient. On the other hand, all these pictures need to be classified, and your help can be … Read more

Beauty on the brink

Beauty on the Brink

As of the beginning of 2018, the International Union for Conservation of Nature lists 5583 species of animals, plants and fungi as Critically Endangered, the last category before extinction in the wild. Of these, 2851 are of the kingdom Animalia. Surely we are in the midst of an extinction event, one on which humans have, in even most generous readings of history, contributed greatly to. The purpose of this series ‘Beauty on the Brink’ is to bring attention to some of the many bizarre and beautiful creatures that are dangerously close to disappearing from our world, and to highlight … Read more

the art of snow tracking

The Art of Snow Tracking

The Art of Snow Tracking Snow tracking – Already wondered where animals are up to? Where they are moving? Well, with a fresh layer of snow, you can already figure out a lot. Most animals are avoiding human areas and are active during the night. With a more scientific term, it’s called spatial (space) and temporal (time) avoidance. There are a couple of ways to be able to still learn about the animals. For example, you can look for tracks or use camera traps. When looking for tracks is done in the snow, it’s called Snow Tracking. I always … Read more

Best places to watch wildlife in the canadian rockies

Best Places to Watch Wildlife in the Canadian Rockies

Obviously, the Canadian Rockies are a great place to be. They offer an amazing scenery and the possibility to watch some wildlife. Here you can find some of the best places to watch wildlife in the Canadian Rockies listed. Wildlife is moving around freely in these parks, so there is no guaranty to spot them. Nonetheless, you can increase your chances by taking some easy rules into account. For example: Drive slowly on the roads and keep your eyes open. If you have multiple people in the car, give everybody an area to ‘scan’ for wildlife. Obviously, the driver’s … Read more

8 inspiration talks on wildlife conservation

8 Inspirational Talks on Wildlife Conservation

8 Inspirational Talks on Wildlife Conservation In this article, you get a list of inspirational talks from dedicated people who want to contribute to wildlife conservation. As a young wildlife biologist, you often have your heroes or goals. These videos might inspire you to explore further or get the motivation you are looking for.  If you know any other great inspirational talks, don’t hesitate to scroll down and put them in the comment section. Most of the videos are TED Talk related. Inspirational Talks 1. Alan Rabinowitz – The Future of Big Cats Dr. Alan Rabinowitz gave an inspirational … Read more

5 Best live wildlife cameras

5 best live wildlife camera websites

The 5 Best Live Wildlife Camera Websites 5. MPALA LIVE! This camera is placed in Kenya and is not working at night.http://mpalalive.org/live_cam 4. Djuma Private Game Reserve Situated in Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa. The camera is facing a waterhole and they have an infrared light for viewing the area at night.http://www.djuma.com/djuma-waterhole/ https://youtu.be/GUnZ2V6OgVw 3. Africam Multiview Africam is a network of 6 cameras. They are all based in South Africa, with most of them based in Balule Game Reserve. They are equipped with an infrared (IR) light, which makes it possible to view at night as well.  Locations: … Read more

Camera traps - basics-min

Camera traps I: The Basics

  Camera traps I – The Basics – In this article, you learn more about camera traps and some of the basic concepts. The last section gives a brief introduction on what can be done with camera traps and how to use camera tapping in a survey. This is the first article of a series on camera traps. The next articles will go a bit more into detail, whereas this article aims to explain the basics. First of all, there are a couple of ways to study animals in the wild. Obviously, you can study them by direct observations. … Read more

Wildlife Tourism Contributing to Animal Conservation

Does Wildlife Tourism contribute to Animal Conservation?

Does Wildlife Tourism Contribute to Animal Conservation? – The basic principles – Wildlife Tourism & Ecotourism In the last few decades, wildlife tourism and ecotourism has increased worldwide. This is great news, but it also influences animal conservation and puts pressure on certain wildlife. Ecotourism was mostly seen as a development of developing countries. With its rapid growth, it’s starting to be an international business. Ecotourism is described by The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and provides the well-being of local people”. The main focus goes to minimize the impact … Read more

Mustelids in Europe Part 2

Mustelids in Europe: Species Identification

Mustelids in Europe Part II Species Identification As an addition to the article about Mustelids in Europe, this will give you more information about the mustelids on a species level and will help you with species identification. What follows is an overview of the members of the mustelid family occurring in Europe. Definitely, in the smaller mustelid species, males are significantly larger than females. Each species will be briefly described with attention for identification and how to distinguish between related species. There will be links to observado.org for pictures and IUCN Red List for more information, distribution and images … Read more