South Africa CLT

8. Volunteering with Cape Leopard Trust in Namaqualand, South Africa

Predator Ecology and Coexistence Experiment Namaqualand & Research After a long bus drive and a pick up and finally got to the research area (Kamieskroon, Namaqualand). The project I joined is called ‘Predator Ecology and Coexistence Experiment’. This was set up by the Cape Leopard Trust and a PhD student and a Postdoc. As the name suggests this research project is about the interaction between predators (leopards, caracals, jackals) and livestock. The research was split up into 2 parts: 1) Predator Ecology Study, and 2) Coexisting Experiment. I’m not going to go into too much detail, as you can … Read more

Cape Town & surroundings

7. Moving between projects: Johannesburg – Cape Town – Stellenbosch – Cape Town ….

My plan My previous project ended in Johannesburg (South Africa), I had about a week to get to my next project in Namaqualand (Western South Africa). I took a Greyhound bus from Johannesburg to Cape Town. My next plan was visiting a friend in Stellenbosch. Against all recommendation, I took a train from Cape Town to Stellenbosch (Apparently, it’s not done as a ‘white guy’). So, I started off my journey very cautious and made my way to the railway station with all my belongings close to me. I had my large backpack on my back, a small one … Read more

On the way to Botswana

2. Botswana: Strikes, missing flights, waiting, free hotels …

Already over 48 hours of travelling and still not there… It all started in Amsterdam and apparently, some people in Belgium and France were striking. So we finally made it to Paris with some delay… as a result of that, our flight to Johannesburg was already gone (as the flight to Brasil for some German guys on our flight, who were probably going to miss their world cup game). A free hotel room with breakfast it was. Next flight 24h later.Last night we finally got on a plane to Johannesburg, but this morning we just had 70 mins to … Read more

Botswana and South Africa

1. Summer 2014: It’s time for Africa!

It’s time for a new blog, a new adventure (or the other way around). I’ll try to update this blog a couple of times in the next months, although I’m not sure how much internet access I will get over there…. Botswana First of all, here is my plan:First I’ll join a research project where I applied for in December 2013. I’ve met the PhD student before when I was studying Wildlife Biology at the Grimsö research station (Sweden). Somewhere during my stay in Slovakia, we arranged a Skype meeting with crappy internet, but it worked out… I was … Read more