Wildlife Tourism Contributing to Animal Conservation

Does Wildlife Tourism contribute to Animal Conservation?

Does Wildlife Tourism Contribute to Animal Conservation? – The basic principles – Wildlife Tourism & Ecotourism In the last few decades, wildlife tourism and ecotourism has increased worldwide. This is great news, but it also influences animal conservation and puts pressure on certain wildlife. Ecotourism was mostly seen as a development of developing countries. With its rapid growth, it’s starting to be an international business. Ecotourism is described by The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and provides the well-being of local people”. The main focus goes to minimize the impact … Read more

How to get to Slovakia 2017

How to get to Slovakia

There are multiple ways to get to Slovakia. There are good connections by air and by bus, but also by train, regardless where you are coming from and which part of Slovakia you want to visit. The most popular destinations of Slovakia are mainly Bratislava and the Tatra Mountains around Poprad. The first part of this article deals with information on how to get to Slovakia, and afterwards, you get a bit of information about best ways to travel inside Slovakia. How to get to Slovakia Going by Bus/Train There are quite good bus connections to get to Slovakia … Read more