2. Edmonton

Equipment & field site

The last few days I have spent in Edmonton. I was preparing some field equipment (cleaning camera traps, testing bear collars, checking SD cards) and getting in though with interesting people…

We had a quick visit to the field site and check the cabin we will be sleeping in for at least some weeks. I already saw a lot of birds and mammals.
Near the study site, we saw bighorn sheep, elk, white-tailed deer, mule deer and a coyote. No pictures yet, but I included a picture of the cabin.

Field cabin

Most of my time I’ll be checking this camera traps (after we put them in the field ;)). We will put them on trails to check how humans and wildlife are using the trail system, more specific where and when either people and/or wildlife is moving around. I checked already some pictures from last year, and it looks promising. Additional to this camera traps the research team I’m joining has 8 collared Grizzly bears, which are all still working after the winter. We might try to recapture some to renew the collar.

Edmonton City

Off course I took some time to explore the city of Edmonton. Apparently, it has the 4th biggest shopping centre in northern America, so I went to check it out. There was also AC inside to make my day easier.
Soon I figured out why it’s one of the biggest… there is a water park, some aquarium with a sea lion and some reptiles, and a roller coaster included. Besides that I had a social life as well, watching ice hockey in a pub with some PhD students, we went for some drinks, did some BBQ-ing. Oh yeah, btw yesterday was 30°C.
Hopefully, my next post will be from out in the field.

icehockey ring

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  1. Renewing a bear his collar, for the first time, must be a rater exciting experience! I want to hear more of it. Keep me informed ;-). Ps: Here the weather is minor: wind, rain and just 15°C.

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