6. Canada 2013 update: past month

Heavy rains

In the end of June, we had a couple of days almost non-stop raining… In our study area, it was not as bad as the stuff happened in Calgary, but we had some wash outs as well. We couldn’t access a part of our study area because a part of the road was just gone due to the power of the river and a bit further a bridge was out… But with a bit more driving and walking, we managed to get our job done.

btw, this is supposed to be a ‘Highway’…

destroyed road
destroyed road
Quad tracks in the valley
Mountain view in Canada

(Pre) Canada Day (1st of July)

Because of the long weekend and the upcoming celebrations of (pre)Canada Day, there were a lot of people in Cadomin (the small village in our study area). In this little village they have a ‘Legion’, apparently, the place to be (sometimes). As it is really important for conservation work to talk and include the locals, we went there to check it out. It was a bit boring in the beginning, a kind of Karaoke was going on… but at some point, a random person came to us and asked if we know the game ‘beer-pong’… and so it happened… we spread the word of the Grizzly Bear Research.
It was a great evening, too bad the next event there is 1 month later…

Black bear

The next day we went to Edmonton to return one of our vehicles to the University of Alberta, and we stayed a few days in Edmonton. Luckily for us, it was Canada Day, big celebrations and fireworks in the city of Edmonton. After getting a bit of a social life in Edmonton we had to go back to fulfil our duties in the field: repositioning trail cameras.
So up until now, I’ve been in the field most of the time, going into the ‘city’ for food, shower and internet. We went to the hot springs in Jasper National Park. No super interesting encounters anymore, but a lot of awesome views. One day though we encountered a Black bear and her cub, luckily for us she didn’t saw us and we had some time to take some pictures. the 2 black dots in the back are the black bears.

Valley in Alberta
Black bear with cubs
Sam Puls and the black bears

Lately, we had some thunderstorms and heavy hail, one time we were driving right into it, pretty scary, I made a video, but can’t find the way to upload it…

Furthermore, I have a handful of pictures from the last month, enjoy.

Mountains in Alberta
Marmot tracks
Butterflies on scat

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