Where To Go?

In this part of the Wildlife Impulse website, you can find information about different countries around the world. Some of them I visited, some of them I heard great comments about. It’s a combination of

  • Country information
  • Interesting places to go
  • Wildlife to watch
  • Projects or nature/wildlife holidays to join (Nature Travel, Volunteering, Excursions)
  • And much more…

You have information you want to share, don’t hesitate to get in contact (contact form, facebook, …)

Figure out highlights per Country, or check out the pages dedicated to Wildlife Holidays or experience conservation as a Volunteer. Here just a brief summary about the different topics:

  • Wildlife Holidays: Focus on holiday. For example safaris, tours, hides, excursions….
  • Volunteer: Projects you can join and the focus is on contributing to collect valuable data. for example: monitoring projects, learn research techniques, …
  • Countries: Obviously all the info focused per country
Wildlife Holiday