White Wilderness 2014 – Slovakia

Back to Slovakia as Volunteer Team Leader

Once again I went back to Slovakia to do some winter tracking in the White Wilderness Project from the Slovak Wildlife Society (SWS). I picked out a couple of stories from the field. In general, it was another great year. I had to adjust some camera trap boxes, I got a nice present from some volunteers (my wolf head), followed wolf tracks and bear tracks, etc …

Following Wolf Tracks

I was lucky to be able to go back to a fresh wolf track we found the day before. We started in the early morning, just me and one other volunteer. We started following the wolf tracks and they tend to go in large circles. I was a bit of a strange behaviour and it looked like it was searching for something. To make the story short, we found an old kill site at the end of our day. When I say at the end, it was the very end, we should have been thinking of our way back ages ago. But as this wolf had made a lot of circles and such, we were just 500m away from our starting point. The wolf had returned to an older kill site of a huge male red deer.

Kill site
Kill site

Following Bear Tracks

On one of the transects we were just about 30m in and we came across bear tracks. There were a lot of bear tracks, at least 3 bears. The strange thing about this place was we were close to a hunters cabin in the woods. After some investigation, we found a lot of hunting left overs, from bones, pieces of legs, skins, etc… This had attracted the bears and there were clear signs of the bears playing with the skins of the red deer (probably left out there by hunters).

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Slovakia is a great place to visit, both in winter and summer.

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