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Urban Wildlife: Camera trapping in Belgium

In this article, I want to highlight a couple stories about camera trapping in Belgium. I’m using my Bushnell trail cameras to investigate which animals are there or what they are doing. Belgium has a quite high human density, so most of this stories are related to Urban Wildlife. Wondering what a camera trap is: check out my other blog post about the basics of camera traps. Pine Marten (Martes martes) on a camera trap My first story is a bit less about Urban wildlife, but about the more secretive mustelid species, the Pine marten. It was early 2012, … Read more


White Wilderness 2017 – Slovakia

10 Pack, a bear sighting, and a wolf sighting! It was January 2017, so if you’ve seen the rest of my blog, it’s quite clear I like to spend my winters in Slovakia. This winter I joined the White Wilderness Project from the Slovak Wildlife Society again. Maybe it was going to be my last year, maybe not. One thing was for sure, I was going to enjoy some more winter snow tracking in the Slovak mountains and make some good friends and create some nice stories to join me for the rest of my life. I couldn’t wish … Read more


Visiting Bieszczady Mountains (Poland)

This is Poland! How it began With a seven-headed strong team, we left Belgium in a mini-van. Our destination was Bieszczady National Park in Poland. Bieszczady region is part of the Carpathian Mountains and is found in the border area between Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. We were all biologists/nature minded people, so our goal was to enjoy the nature and snow, and put some effort in seeing some of the local wildlife. We definitely succeeded in our mission… After driving all night (changing drivers obviously), we finally arrived in Bieszczady. We booked a couple of rooms in ‘Pensjonat Antos’, … Read more


Fieldwork with Panthera Belize: Part 2 [2016]

I went from Honduras to Belize to join Panthera Belize again for a bit of fieldwork. I joined them as a volunteer last year, and I had a great experience (read more about it here). I had an amazing time there, so I was eager to meet up with them once again. This time I just stayed for a short period time.  A short description of what you can expect in this blog post: Travel to Belize Fielwork Last Day – Jaguar Sighting! Support Jaguar Research Travel to Belize I was on the island of Utila, Honduras, and I had … Read more


Opwall once again, Cusuco National Park in Honduras this time…

Opwall Honduras 2016: another Operation Wallacea season The Journey to Honduras (it took a while to get some updates on this blog… but here is a bit of an update about my stay in Cusuco – also check out the Honduras page) Another field season had started in June 2016 (Opwall Honduras). My rough plans were going to Honduras for another field season with Operation Wallacea and afterwards head North the join Panthera Belize again for a short visit. So I booked my return flight to Belize City and from there I took an international flight from Belize City … Read more


White Wilderness 2016 – Slovakia

  Otter Tracks & Kill Site Near the River During the winter of 2016 I went back to Slovakia as a staff member for the White Wilderness Project of the Slovak Wildlife Society ( check out my blogs about 2015, 2014, 2013, & 2012). This year we had some interesting stories as well. I came across some otter tracks near a small stream, we have found a kill site in the river, and we found some very fresh blood drops… We also come across some other beehive defences against bears. Otter Tracks During one of the transects we didn’t find … Read more


Volunteering with Panthera Belize: Part 1 [2015]

How it all began… From my blog post from South Africa:“…While I was wondering around I got into a second-hand book store where I got lost in the ‘nature’ section. Suddenly I came across a very old book of (at that time) my wildlife conservation hero ‘Alan Rabinowitz’. It was the book “JAGUAR: One Man’s Struggle to Save Jaguars in the Wild” from 1987…”. One day I was going to get to Belize and join Panthera Belize, and it seems like this day was going to come sooner then I ever could wish for. When everything was in place to … Read more


8 weeks of research with Opwall in Calakmul (Mexico)

Our Research So far Mexico has been great. Due to a lack of internet in the jungle, here is an update on my time in Calakmul National Park. I was a staff member of the awesome mammal team in a research project from Operation Wallacea (Opwall). Besides mammals, there was also research on bats, birds, herps, habitat, butterflies, monkeys, … every week we had a school group coming over the experience all these different facets of field biology. Anyway, the mammal research had a couple of aspects. We walked transects in search for tracks. This part was very interesting … Read more


Cancun: nightlife and wildlife

Me and my luggage arrived safe and well in Cancun, Mexico. My flight from Brussels to Madrid was about an hour delayed. Luckily there was an airport steward waiting for us to get us as fast as possible to the gate for Cancun. I have spent my first 2 days in downtown Cancun, and now I’m near the beach enjoying some free time before catching the bus to the Mexican jungle at 5 AM on Saturday (tomorrow). For people joining this project and are not interested in staying a ton of money for Clipper hotel: I stayed in Hostel … Read more



It’s time for a new adventure. I’m off to Mexico to join a research project in the Calakmul Nature Reserve. I will try to post some updates, but I’m not sure how easy it will be over there. More info about the project: http://opwall.com/undergrad-research-assistants/locations/mexico/ Check out other projects/blogs: Opwall 2015: Mexico Opwall 2016: Honduras Belize Other blogs from this Central American adventure: Cancun: Nightlife and Wildlife 8 weeks of research with Opwall in Calakmul (Mexico) Volunteering with Panthera Belize: Part 1 [2015]