Wildlife Impulse

Our Mission

Wildlife Impulse is a platform to gather people passionate by wildlife & nature, whether it’s as a traveller, researcher, or you just have a general interest. In this platform, we want to share stories from the field, keeping up to date with what’s new in the world of nature and wildlife through offering  opportunities, and publishing  articles of interest, etc.

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About Us

Sam Puls is the founder of Wildlife Impulse. He is a graduate biologist who has been volunteering in different projects around the world. Big cats are his passion, but anytime the word mammal shows up somewhere, you ‘ll get his focus. He is also interested in the interaction between wildlife and humans. Sam has been guiding volunteers and students and with this website, he wants to share his experience on a variety of wildlife related topics, ranging from wildlife articles to wildlife travels, and volunteer projects.

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What We Do

Wildlife Impulse has a couple of projects where it wants to show its expertise:

  • Wildlife Volunteering & Holidays
  • Articles & Reviews
  • Advertisements
  • Much More ….

Wildlife Volunteering & Holidays

There is a huge offer available for people interested in wildlife volunteering/holidays. Whether it’s to get experience or just want to support wildlife conservation, finding the right project is often difficult. We hope to get a collection of reviews and experiences from different projects to make decisions easier. Most articles related to this topic will be found in the section ‘Stories from the Field‘.

This way we can help conservation-minded people in choosing their projects. I want people to think twice before getting into a project and make people aware of the ‘bad projects’ with less focus on conservation, like supporting canned hunting for example. We acknowledge the fact that terms like eco-tourism, conservation projects, wildlife rehabilitation, etc. … could be misleading and confusing terms around to indicate the project activities. 

Articles & Reviews

Besides the stories from the field, this blog will also contain articles about wildlife topics and reviews on products and holidays/volunteering projects which seem useful to us.

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Most of you have probably already noticed there are some advertisements appearing on this website. These are carefully selected advertisements related to wildlife. We focus both on products (books, usable gear, etc.) and wildlife holidays. Those appearing advertisements should help us to keep this website alive.

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Much More ...

Anything else we could offer you, please get in touch.


With a website there are some basic costs involved, which we want to tackle by using a couple of strategies:

  • Affiliate links & advertise products we believe in
  • Donation
  • Special Offers
  • Own products


Affiliate links

If you are not familiar with the term ‘affiliate link’, it basically means if you pursuit a product through a link on our website, we will get a small commission on your order. This is not with all the links on our website, but for example, Amazon & NHBS have those programs.


A lot of info on this website is free, and it’s all written because we are passionate about wildlife and related topics. Nonetheless, we have basic costs for the website and we hope to be able to earn some money as well, as we are putting a lot of time and offer in it. So if you like what you have read/seen … consider making a donation.

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Write For Us

If you want to write for us, give us a shout and get in contact. Hearing from other dedicated passionate people is always nice. Whether you just want to share a wildlife story, enjoy writing an article, or are interested in link building, don’t hesitate to get in contact. Article writers will definitely get acknowledged and have the ability to link to there pages.