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Wildlife Impulse – After a long time brewing on this idea, I decided to put my wildlife blog in a new design and take the opportunity to widen my blogging area. For those who know me, I am very passionate about wildlife and mammals. Besides my experiences, I want to add nice articles. I want to share stories from the field, keeping up to date with what’s new in the wildlife & nature world, offer opportunities, publish interesting articles, etc.

I decided to name it Wildlife Impulse, as it sounds motivational (and my last name is included). Additionally,  I don’t only want to put my own content. I have met a lot of interested biologists and adventurers along the way, which hopefully can contribute to this web page and make it a nice place to gain information on different topics related to wildlife biology.

The ultimate goal is to use Wildlife Impulse as a platform to gather people passionate by wildlife & nature, whether you are a traveller, researcher, or just have a general interest. You should find content you like. So feel free to browse around and enjoy!