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Canada is well known for it’s beautiful nature and wildlife watching opportunities. Included in the most famous Canadian wildlife are the Grizzly bears, Black bears, Elks, Bighorn sheep, Mountain goats, Wolves & Coyotes. The best places to go and enjoy nature at its finest are the Canadian Rockies or the Canadian Rocky Mountains. They are situated at the west side of Canada, in the provinces British Columbia (B.C.) and Alberta. The most accessible places to start your adventure are Calgary and Vancouver. From Vancouver, it’s definitely worth to pay a visit to Vancouver Island as well.

Central Canada is characterised by plains and is less known to the large public. Around Quebec, eastern Canada, the environment is more characterised by forest and lakes.  Another famous place is the Niagara Falls, near Toronto. A large and very remote part of Canada is found in the north, dominated by large areas of tundra, islands, lakes, and only know as ‘the area where almost nobody lives’. It’s a great place to explore some arctic scenery and do some Polar bear watching.


Language       English & French
Capital            Ottawa
Currency         Canadian Dollar (CND)
Population      36.29 Mil
Area                 9.985 Mil km²
Time Zone      6 time zones (UTC -8:00 to UTC -3:30)
Dial Code        +1
Electricity       120V/60hz

Canadian Rocky Mountains

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