The Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the lowest countries in Europe. It’s a great place for watching seabirds. Definitely, during the winter and migration times, it’s a hotspot for geese, ducks, waders, and many more. The ‘Oostvaardersplassen’ is also a well-known place. It’s a fenced area with a lot of herbivores, including red deer, horses… You can actually go on a safari in a safari bus.


Language         Dutch
Capital              Amsterdam
Currency          Euro (€/EUR)
Population       17 Mil
Area                 41 543 km²
Time Zone      CET (UTC +1), summer DST CEST (UTC +2)
Dial Code         +31
Electricity         230V/50hz


Nature Highlights

– Coming Soon –

Trailer of ‘De Nieuwe Wilderness’ (The New Wilderness) about the live around the Oostvaardersplassen in the Netherlands.
A film from 2013. Unfortunately, it’s only in Dutch as far as I know.

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