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I this section you will find information on how to do things and learn skills. It will be a broad section on both research and travelling. The research component will both include field techniques as analysing tools.


Google Earth Pro_ Part 2

Google Earth Pro: Basics for Research Use – 2) Importing, organising & Exporting

Google Earth Pro: Basics for Research Use Importing, Organising & Exporting Google Earth is a great way to visualise your geographical data without too much prior knowledge. In the first post of this series, you learned how to install and set up the Google Earth (Pro) work environment and how to use all the short keys and mouse clicks & drags to navigate smoothly in Google Earth. Here we will ...
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the art of snow tracking

The Art of Snow Tracking

The Art of Snow Tracking Snow tracking - Already wondered where animals are up to? Where they are moving? Well, with a fresh layer of snow, you can already figure out a lot. Most animals are avoiding human areas and are active during the night. With a more scientific term, it’s called spatial (space) and temporal (time) avoidance. There are a couple of ways to be able to still learn ...
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Bushnell NatureView Camera trap

Review: Bushnell NatureView – Trail camera settings and specifications

Review: Bushnell NatureView Trail camera settings and specifications The Bushnell NatureView trail camera is a remote wildlife camera or camera trap and is used to monitor wildlife. It’s a decent camera with some additional features (close-up lenses) for monitoring smaller animals. The great advantage of camera traps is the ability to set it up and collect data for a long period of time with a limited human time investment. Check out ...
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Google Earth Pro Part I

Google Earth Pro: Basics for Research Use – 1) Install & Settings

Google Earth Pro: Basics for Research Use Install & Settings (1/3) Google Earth (Pro) Google Earth recently came with a new online version. Nevertheless, the focus of this review/tutorial is on the older Desktop version of Google Earth Pro. The main reason for this is the ability to use the Google Earth pro desktop program offline. This is a great advantage if you are in a remote place or an ...
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Mustelids in Europe Part 2

Mustelids in Europe: Species Identification

Mustelids in Europe Part II Species Identification As an addition to the article about Mustelids in Europe, this will give you more information about the mustelids on a species level and will help you with species identification. What follows is an overview of the members of the mustelid family occurring in Europe. Definitely, in the smaller mustelid species, males are significantly larger than females. Each species will be briefly described ...
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