Gringo trails

Gringo Trails – Responsible travel with respect for culture and wildlife

Gringo Trails Responsible travel with respect to culture and wildlife Responsible travel – Ever travelled and asked yourself “Why am I here?” It’s a simple question, but it can keep you occupied for a long time. Are you contributing to the local community and will the next generation still be able to experience your adventure as you are doing it right now? Travelling is great, and we are lucky to live in an era where travelling is easy. But it comes with a lot of responsibilities if we want it to be sustainable. This blog post is inspired by … Read more

Christmas Wildlife books 2017

Christmas Shopping with Wildlife Impulse

  Christmas shopping with Wildlife Impulse DISCLAIMER: Affiliate links are used on this page, read further to know more. It’s almost Christmas time! Time to do some online shopping. Here I will list a couple of my all-time favourite books together with some nice deals I could find online. For those who are wondering why I promote other people’s product: Companies have affiliate programs. This basically means for every customer I send to their website, I get a small commission on what they purchase (without additional costs for the customer). Nonetheless, most of the products I mention I have myself … Read more

Bushnell NatureView Camera trap

Review: Bushnell NatureView – Trail camera settings and specifications

  Review: Bushnell NatureView Trail camera settings and specifications The Bushnell NatureView trail camera is a remote wildlife camera or camera trap and is used to monitor wildlife. It’s a decent camera with some additional features (close-up lenses) for monitoring smaller animals. The great advantage of camera traps is the ability to set it up and collect data for a long period of time with a limited human time investment. Check out more about the basics of camera trapping here. This article reviews the Bushnell NatureView trail camera and goes over the specifications and settings. You will learn more about the … Read more

Operation Wallacea review

Review of two Operation Wallacea terrestrial sites

Operation Wallacea Terrestrial Sites Mexico and Honduras The aim of this article is to give some more information on two research sites of Operation Wallacea (Opwall) which I visited as a staff member. More specifically, Calakmul (terrestrial research site of Opwall Mexico) and Cusuco (terrestrial research site of Opwall Honduras). Although I intend to help potential participants to further explore the options and make a decision on which Opwall site to visit, I want to stress out it’s my own opinion and thoughts. Learn more about other volunteer options. I will first describe my roles and activities, where after I … Read more

GPS and smartphone

GPS device or GPS Smartphone App for recording Spatial Data

Collecting Spatial data Scientific research and data collection usually stands are falls with the spatial data collection. Location fixes or transect data are often important to accompany your non-spatial data. Whether you need the location of your camera trap in order to come back and find it again, or you are recording opportunistic data, GPS locations are a must nowadays. Usually, GPS devices are used for this, but lately, there are a lot of smartphone apps available to record GPS location. Which option is the best is probably highly related to how you make use of a GPS. This article is … Read more

outdoor footwear

My Favourite Outdoor Footwear (during Fieldwork)

I often get questions about which gear I’m using. In this article, I’ll talk a bit more in detail about my outdoor footwear (affiliate links are used). During my fieldwork in remote places, I prefer to take some decent shoes and/or boots with me and this decision can be location-related and/or job-related. In general, my outdoor footwear usually consists of some flipflops, a pair of light hiking shoes and a pair of more decent hiking boots. In winter, for example, the flipflops usually stays at home and I also take a more decent, warmer pair of hiking boots. In … Read more

Fun animal games online

Fun animal games online

Don’t expect crazy graphics or so, but I like to list a couple of educational and less education games on wildlife. This list of fun animal games is just a collection of what I found and what people told me to check on. In general, most of them are crap, but fun to play for a little while. Just a heads-up, none of the links about the games are affiliate links, it’s just a ‘fun-post’. WolfQuest First on the list is a game that has a bit of ecological value: WolfQuest. It’s a 3D wildlife simulation game developed by … Read more