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Don’t expect crazy graphics or so, but I like to list a couple of educational and less education games on wildlife. This list of fun animal games is just a collection of what I found and what people told me to check on. In general, most of them are crap, but fun to play for a little while. Just a heads-up, none of the links about the games are affiliate links, it’s just a ‘fun-post’.


First on the list is a game that has a bit of ecological value: WolfQuest. It’s a 3D wildlife simulation game developed by the Minnesota Zoo, in collaboration with game developer company Eduweb. It’s based on wolves in Yellowstone National Park. The main purpose is to help understand wolves and their role in nature. You have the possibility to play as a lone wolf, or in a pack. There are a variety of actions. For example, you can hunt elk, communicate with other wolves, establish a territory, and much more…

More Info: WolfQuest and/or Wiki

It looks like there are a couple of similar games in the series of Sim 3D: Cougar Sim 3D, Wild Panther Sim 3D, ….

The Endless Forest

The Endless Forest game is a multiplayer online game. It’s developed for Windows. There is no aim of this game, except for being a deer in a peaceful forest and wander around. There is also a whole community and of course some Wiki information.


Feral Heart

FeralHeart is an online animal based roleplaying game and chat. You can choose what kind of animal you will be. Create your own character and explore worlds with it in this 3D game.

Wildlife Park 3

In this game, you are a zoo manager. In Wildlife Park 3, you need to build your own enclosures, park buildings and plants. Additionally, you also need to manage to park and its team of animal keepers, vets, etc.

Goat Simulator

A more random game is the Goat Simulator. It has nothing to do with ecology anymore, or at least not that much. Basically, you are just a goat running around being able to do almost anything. Enter it in YouTube and you will have fun as well.

Tokyo Jungle

A game for PS3 called Tokyo Jungle. It looks decent with some ecological aspects. You can find extra information on Wikipedia.

Probably there are more games with some ecological background. And I’m sure there are many more fun games about animals…

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