Isla Holbox: Whale Sharks & Relaxing

Holbox Whale Shark Tour – Isla Holbox is a great place to take some rest, exactly what I needed. Besides the relaxed atmosphere, Holbox is known for its whale shark tours. The village offers opportunities for both budget travellers and more exclusive travellers. Isla Holbox is accessible from the air and by bus. I took a bus from Cancun.

Visit August 2015

Whale shark tour

Last minute we decided to join a whale shark tour, snorkelling with whale sharks, but it was much more. This was a great experience. Our first goal was the Whale sharks, so our boat went straight to the feeding area of this giants. Soon enough we spotted some other boats and a bit later we could see our first Whale shark, just manoeuvring through the water. The tour boats have strict regulations and it seemed like all of them are more or less following the rules of not getting in the way of the Whale sharks.

It was my time to go and snorkel with these magnificent creatures. They seemed to move so slowly through the water, but as an inexperienced snorkeler, it took a lot of my energy to try and keep up with them as long as possible. It felt great though, swimming next to those giants makes you feel small but amazing. Well, that was a great experience, but the tour wasn’t over yet. We went on a tour to see some other places, explore some reefs where we could snorkel, check out some lagoons for birds and what not. We saw some nice flamingos on the tour as well. As pictures say 1000 times more, I included a bunch of pictures below. But first I want to put some attention to a video which was shot on Isla Holbox at the time I was there. I’ve met this amazing guy making a documentary about the whale sharks, about the influence of tourist affecting the whale sharks and the local community, and most of all: asking the question if it’s sustainable…..

The island itself has some nice nature as well, you can walk along the coast and spot some tracks of racoons (or spot one yourself), see some more flamingos and enjoy the great scenery of the mangroves. Most of the island is mangrove though, but there is the ability to explore it with a canoe (which I regret I didn’t do).

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