Opwall Honduras

Operation Wallacea Honduras – 2016

During the summer of 2016, I participated again in an Operation Wallacea project, this time Operation Wallacea Honduras. We walked transects and placed camera-traps. Overall we didn’t find too many tracks, mostly red brocket deer and some coati tracks and signs. The highlight was the find of a potential jaguar track near one of the camps. In the following weeks we found 3 different sets of tracks, so I got convinced it was a jaguar roaming around, but no luck on the cameras.

For the camera-trap study, we were working for a PhD student who was going to use the REM (Random Encounter Model). Although I’m quite sceptical about the method, it might have some good points.

BurdGIS provides a bit more information on the different camps Operation Wallacea is using in Cusuco National Park. 

Read more about my stories in Honduras, or check out the Opwall site from Mexico.

Operation Wallacea Honduras


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