Fieldwork with Panthera Belize: Part 2 [2016]

I went from Honduras to Belize to join Panthera Belize again for a bit of fieldwork. I joined them as a volunteer last year, and I had a great experience (read more about it here). I had an amazing time there, so I was eager to meet up with them once again. This time I just stayed for a short period time.  A short description of what you can expect in this blog post: Travel to Belize Fielwork Last Day – Jaguar Sighting! Support Jaguar Research Travel to Belize I was on the island of Utila, Honduras, and I had … Read more


Volunteering with Panthera Belize: Part 1 [2015]

How it all began… From my blog post from South Africa:“…While I was wondering around I got into a second-hand book store where I got lost in the ‘nature’ section. Suddenly I came across a very old book of (at that time) my wildlife conservation hero ‘Alan Rabinowitz’. It was the book “JAGUAR: One Man’s Struggle to Save Jaguars in the Wild” from 1987…”. One day I was going to get to Belize and join Panthera Belize, and it seems like this day was going to come sooner then I ever could wish for. When everything was in place to … Read more