White Wilderness 2017 – Slovakia

10 Pack, a bear sighting, and a wolf sighting! It was January 2017, so if you’ve seen the rest of my blog, it’s quite clear I like to spend my winters in Slovakia. This winter I joined the White Wilderness Project from the Slovak Wildlife Society again. Maybe it was going to be my last year, maybe not. One thing was for sure, I was going to enjoy some more winter snow tracking in the Slovak mountains and make some good friends and create some nice stories to join me for the rest of my life. I couldn’t wish … Read more


White Wilderness 2016 – Slovakia

  Otter Tracks & Kill Site Near the River During the winter of 2016 I went back to Slovakia as a staff member for the White Wilderness Project of the Slovak Wildlife Society ( check out my blogs about 2015, 2014, 2013, & 2012). This year we had some interesting stories as well. I came across some otter tracks near a small stream, we have found a kill site in the river, and we found some very fresh blood drops… We also come across some other beehive defences against bears. Otter Tracks During one of the transects we didn’t find … Read more


White Wilderness 2015 – Slovakia

3 Days of Wolf Tracking During the field season of 2015, I was very lucky to track a lot of wolves. Basically, we stumbled up on wolf tracks during a transect. They were about 6 of them, which is fairly uncommon. The interesting part was that not only my group found evidence of a large pack, there were 2 other groups as well. We couldn’t tell for sure if these tracks were all from the same wolf pack. In the next days we tried to connect the dots. This was a very cool experience, both for staff and volunteers. … Read more


White Wilderness 2014 – Slovakia

Back to Slovakia as Volunteer Team Leader Once again I went back to Slovakia to do some winter tracking in the White Wilderness Project from the Slovak Wildlife Society (SWS). I picked out a couple of stories from the field. In general, it was another great year. I had to adjust some camera trap boxes, I got a nice present from some volunteers (my wolf head), followed wolf tracks and bear tracks, etc … Lynx tracks Setting up camera trap Badger tracks Otter tracks Measuring a bear track Wolf scat Slovak mountains Looking for signs of wildlife Following Wolf … Read more

Slovakia 2013

White Wilderness 2013: Back to Slovakia

First year as member of the staff After taking part in the White Wilderness Project of the Slovak Wildlife Society in 2012, I manage to get back out there as part of the staff. I was going to be the Volunteer Team Leader (VLT). This meant I was going to pick up and drop off volunteers in Bratislava, taking care of equipment, and overall looking after the volunteers. The week before the project started I was already on site to check the equipment and make an inventory to see what else we needed to make it through this next … Read more

Slovakia 2012: White Wilderness

Slovakia 2012: White Wilderness/Carpathian Wolf Watch

How I got to Slovakia After getting my degree as a Master of Science in Biology, I noticed I didn’t have that much field experience. So, I started wondering around the internet in search for opportunities. Soon enough I figured out most of the volunteer projects ask for a fee to participate. I kept searching for opportunities and at the same time, I got an e-mail in my University inbox about potential funding for an internship which will help you in the later life to find a job. BINGO, I had a plan! So it happened, I applied for … Read more