Belgium is based in the middle of Europe. With a population density of 370 inhabitants/km² nature is very fragmented. Most tourists will come to visit Belgium for the (French) frites, the Belgium beer, the chocolate, and the waffles. But Belgium has a bit of nature to offer, spread across the country, from dunes on the seaside to sandy soils in the north, some peat moor areas and a bit more of a hilly and forested southern part. The highest point is is Signal de Botrange (694m). Although there is a 6m staircase on the top, making it 700m high.

I good website to plan your trip according to wildlife sightings is checken (a community-based platform for sightings)


Language         Dutch (Flemish), French, German
Capital              Brussels
Currency          Euro (€/EUR)
Population        11.3 Mil
Area                 30 528 km²
Time Zone       CET (UTC +1), summer DST CEST (UTC +2)
Dial Code         +32
Electricity         230V/50Hz

High fens.

Nature Highlights

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