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Slovakia has a lot of different holiday options. This page will prepare you for a nice nature holiday in Slovakia. Both winter and summer are suitable times to travel Slovakia and enjoy the nature and culture. On this web page you will get some tips on where to go, what to bring, and some general information about Slovakia. Slovakia is popular for hiking holidays, as there are a lot of national parks in close proximity. Other activities include Thermal Spa’s, Skiing, …


Language         Slovak
Capital              Bratislava
Currency          Euro (€/EUR)
Population        4.5 Mil
Area                 49036 km²
Time Zone       CEST UCT/GMT +2 (and DST)
Dial Code         +421
Electricity         230V/50hz

winter in Slovakia

The Slovak climate is a so called temperate and continental climate. This means relatively warm summers and cold and cloudy winters. Although there is a difference between the mountain area in the North and the more flat areas in the South.
The most well-known landscape in Slovakia are the Tatra mountains, the highest mountain range of the Carpathian Mountains. Furthermore, Slovakia has caves, rivers, & lakes to offer various attractions. About 15 of caves are open to the public and definitely worth a visit. Slovakia has a lot of ‘border rivers‘. The Dunajec is the most well known for activities as rafting etc… On the other hand, there is the river Váh, which can be found in the large valley between the High Tatras and the Low Tatras. Additionally, Slovakia has a lot of lakes to offer, mostly situated in the High Tatras. A couple of well-known lakes are Strbské Pleso, Popradské Pleso, etc.

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Personally, when I go to Bratislava I stay at the Downtown Backpackers Hostel. It’s a nice basic hostel with a bar/restaurant downstairs. The hostel staff is friendly. The food in the restaurant is really good.
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