This section is dedicated to volunteering in nature and wildlife conservation. Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills, get out of your day to day life, and contribute to something you believe in. In this section, I want to tackle a couple of things which is a combination of money and real conservation. It’s known that some ‘conservation’ projects are not contributing to conservation at all, and are just another kind of profit-making business. Here, I want to help people who are interested in volunteering AND want their volunteering to be contributing to nature and wildlife conservation.

This section is brand new and hopefully can give you some great information on projects to join or how to start searching volunteer projects.

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Articles about volunteerting

Stories from the field from volunteer projects

Kdan Mekong 2018

Kdan Mekong 2018 A BINCO Expedition to Cambodia April/May 2018 – Binco vzw organised an expedition to Kratie, Cambodia. The ...
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Operation Wallacea review

Review of two Operation Wallacea terrestrial sites

Operation Wallacea Terrestrial Sites Mexico and Honduras The aim of this article is to give some more information on two ...
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White Wilderness 2017 – Slovakia

10 Pack, a bear sighting, and a wolf sighting! It was January 2017, so if you've seen the rest of ...
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Fieldwork with Panthera Belize: Part 2 [2016]

I went from Honduras to Belize to join Panthera Belize again for a bit of fieldwork. I joined them as ...
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Opwall once again, Cusuco National Park in Honduras this time…

Opwall Honduras 2016: another Operation Wallacea season The Journey to Honduras (it took a while to get some updates on ...
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White Wilderness 2016 – Slovakia

Otter Tracks & Kill Site Near the River During the winter of 2016 I went back to Slovakia as a ...
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