The 5 Best Live
Wildlife Camera Websites


This camera is placed in Kenya and is not working at night.

4. Djuma Private Game Reserve

Situated in Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa. The camera is facing a waterhole and they have an infrared light for viewing the area at night.

3. Africam Multiview

Africam is a network of 6 cameras. They are all based in South Africa, with most of them based in Balule Game Reserve. They are equipped with an infrared (IR) light, which makes it possible to view at night as well. 


  • Naledi Game Lodge, Balule Game Reserve

  • Nkorho Bush Lodge, Sabi Sand Game Reserve

  • Tembe Elephant Park, KwaZulu-Natal

  • Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden

The have a page with a Multiview, allowing to watch all 6 cameras. You can also go to the page of each camera to get a larger view and some additional information about the cameras.
Africam Multiview

2. Explore Live cams

Explore live cams has a range of cameras across the globe. No infrared. They are featuring a range of topics, from hummingbird nests to bears and animals in zoos. They might have a couple of cameras. Check under the large video and check different live cameras and some highlights. Quite often they start showing the highlights when you first get to a camera. Here an overview of the wild mammal related cameras:

1. WildEarth – SafariLIVE

LIVE SAFARI. A couple of safari guides are driving around with a camera switching between each other showing you the best they can find. At the moment they are in Kenya (not sure if they go to other places as well). They have certain times they broadcast, check their website or click on the play button to see how long you have to wait till the next safari. I definitely enjoyed it.

On the website you also have some additional still live cameras (check the menu):

They also have a schedule when they go LIVE on Safari.

For more Stories from the field, check out this blog section.
Some footage from wildlife encounters in Chobe National Park, Botswana, you can find here.

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