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Back in 2014, I ‘ve spent some time in Southern Africa, including Botswana. I have found some unprocessed footage and I gave it a try to turned it into a little video series “Botswana Adventures. This series will cover Chobe National Park (Wiki). The last video was filmed in Moremi National Park (Moremi Game Reserve). Once a week I will post a new video. In total there will be 6 videos published. For updates, check the Wildlife Impulse Facebook page and/or subscribe to the Wildlife Impulse YouTube Channel.

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Botswana Adventures – Episode 1: Wild dogs made a kill

This first episode of Botswana adventures is about a wild dog sighting. After a day of fieldwork, we passed by the Savuti campsite in Chobe National Park. Very nearby, a pack of Wild dogs had killed an impala. We were too late for the actual kill, but we could have a good view on the wild dogs. Definitely the white tails in the evening are fun to watch.

I don’t have footage of it, but when we got there, the kill was just made and we met people crying about what they just saw. They felt bad for the poor impala. Although I agree it’s probably not the nicest nature experience they had in Chobe National Park, that’s just the circle of life. When the wild dogs left their kill, quite some tourists drove after them. I felt a bit bad, but as a biologist, we were more or less sure these wild dogs will come back soon, as their dinner was still there. We positioned our car at a safe distance, but with a good view. It took only about 5 mins for the wild dogs to come back. Enjoy the video.

Episode 2: Lion on the road

This second episode of Botswana Adventures is about a strange experience with a lion. A part of our fieldwork consisted of counting animals along roads in the Chobe National Park, Botswana. We drove very slow and stopped every time we spotted an animal. Each time we recorded species, number of animals, GPS coordinates, the distance to the animals, angle in which direction we saw the animals (with compass), and some vegetation measurements. With these data, you can actually get an estimate of the number of animals in the area using a technique called ‘distance sampling’. After a day of fieldwork, we were driving back to our camp until we got behind this lion. We really enjoyed spending time with this lion and stayed at a distance in order to not disturb him. At some point we got a safari car coming from the opposite direction, not having the time to wait for the lion to start moving again…

Episode 3: Leopard Sighting

During the fieldwork in Botswana, we also had to interview tourists. This questionnaire was focused on how they experienced their time in nature and the influence of vegetation on wildlife sightings. So there was a part about wildlife sightings as well. We were conducting interviews near the Chobe River Front. This third episode of Botswana Adventures happened after one of the participants told me he ‘d seen a leopard, 5 mins ago, 200m (he pointed a direction)… So I quickly finished the questionnaire, ran to my colleague, and of we went. And so it happened, we saw another leopard.

Episode 4: Boat safari, Chobe River Front

We did fieldwork at 2 different areas around Chobe National Park: Savuti and Chobe River Front. Chobe River Front is closer to ‘civilization’. Kasane is one of the bigger cities around with a large amount of accommodation possibilities. That’s also where most of the boat safaris leave from. I was lucky to get a day off to go on one of these safaris. This nice experience is the base of the forth episode of Botswana Adventures. I was in a small boat with maybe 12 people. It was a great experience with a very nice sunset at the end. Check out a bit of my footage in this 4th episode.

Episode 5: Wild dogs on the hunt – Moremi National Park

We had a couple of days spare after our fieldwork in Savuti and Chobe River Front (Chobe National Park). Before heading back to Johannesburg, we had a stop in Moremi National Park in The Okavango Delta (Affiliate link to We were super lucky to see more leopards, but also 2 wild dog sightings. One of these sightings was unbelievable and I was able to film parts of it. This resulted in the fifth episode of Botswana Adventures. We arrived at Moremi hippo pool and we spotted a wild dog. Soon this became a whole pack of wild dogs, and they seemed focused. We observed them running around. Each member had a different route and they seemed to had a master plan. Where they successful? Have a look at the video below…

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