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Southern Africa - 2014
(Botswana & South Africa)

Chobe-Botswana- Sam Puls


PhD project: “Relationships between environmental factors, large mammal densities and visitor abundance in African Protected Areas”

From June 2014 on I spend my time in Southern Africa for a couple of months. First I join a PhD student from the Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (BiK-F). Here I conduct transect counts and interact with tourists about their findings in the park. Here I got the opportunity to get really good sightings of African mammals and I got a bit of insights in their behaviour as well. This was a great experience.
Most of my blog posts are about my experience in Botswana

South Africa

Predator Ecology and Coexistence Experiment
After that I’ve joined the Cape Leopard Trust in South Africa. Here I got involved in a research project about the interaction between predators (leopards, caracals, jackals) and livestock. We conducted camera trap surveys, small mammal trapping, capturing caracals, vegetation surveys, …

Urban Caracal Project
This project focuses on the small population of caracals on the peninsula of Cape Town and the potential dangers of hybridization, human-wildlife conficts, …


Botswana Adventures- Mini-Series

Botswana Adventures: Mini Docu Series

Botswana Adventures Mini Docu Series Back in 2014, I ‘ve spent some time in Southern Africa, including Botswana. I have found some unprocessed footage and I gave it a try to turned it into a little video series “Botswana Adventures. This series will cover Chobe National Park (Wiki). The last video was filmed in Moremi National Park (Moremi Game Reserve). Once a week I will post a new video. In …
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South Africa CLT

8. Volunteering with Cape Leopard Trust in Namaqualand, South Africa

Predator Ecology and Coexistence Experiment Namaqualand & Research After a long bus drive and a pick up and finally got to the research area (Kamieskroon, Namaqualand). The project I joined is called ‘Predator Ecology and Coexistence Experiment’. This was set up by the Cape Leopard Trust and a PhD student and a Postdoc.

As the name suggests this research project is about the interaction between predators (leopards, caracals, jackals) and …
Cape Town & surroundings

7. Moving between projects: Johannesburg – Cape Town – Stellenbosch – Cape Town ….

My plan My previous project ended in Johannesburg (South Africa), I had about a week to get to my next project in Namaqualand (Western South Africa). I took a Greyhound bus from Johannesburg to Cape Town. My next plan was visiting a friend in Stellenbosch. Against all recommendation, I took a train from Cape Town to Stellenbosch (Apparently, it’s not done as a ‘white guy’). So, I started off my …
Chobe-Botswana- Sam Puls

6. Bye Bye Botswana, but first more lions, leopards and wild dogs

For the moment in Johannesburg, waiting for my bus to go to Cape Town and Stellenbosch to visit a friend. First more stories about Botswana: A lot of lions, but missed a lion kill (17/07) Me and Ugo woke up early to go again to Marabou pan to conduct some interviews, on the way there we saw two young male lions. At first, they were resting on the road, but …

5. Botswana: More pictures

I will just make a bit more use of the internet here in Johannesburg to upload some more pictures. Read more about my experiences in Southern Africa: 1. Summer 2014: it’s time for Africa!
2. Botswana: Strikes, missing flights, waiting, free hotels, …
3. Chobe National Park: first experiences
4. Wild dogs …
Wild dogs-Botswana

4. Wild dogs and more leopard stories

Always new stories from the bush in Africa…
15/07 we got up very early to check at Marabou pan (Savuti, Chobe national park) for animals… We saw a civet in our spotlights of the car. There was not that much going on at the pan, except for tsesebees and some warthogs. So we waited for some tourists to interview.
In the afternoon we decided to check some road we had …

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