8 Inspirational Talks on
Wildlife Conservation

In this article, you get a list of inspirational talks from dedicated people who want to contribute to wildlife conservation. As a young wildlife biologist, you often have your heroes or goals. These videos might inspire you to explore further or get the motivation you are looking for.  If you know any other great inspirational talks, don’t hesitate to scroll down and put them in the comment section. Most of the videos are TED Talk related.

Inspirational Talks

1. Alan Rabinowitz – The Future of Big Cats

Dr. Alan Rabinowitz gave an inspirational talk at the Fortune Brainstorm Green Conference back in 2012. It is a 47-minute lecture, but it’s a very interesting talk about the life of this big cat expert. Dr. Rabinowitz is also CEO of Panthera, an organisation that focusses on the conservation if the world’s wild cat species and their landscapes. In this talk, he speaks about his research in the early ‘80s on jaguars in Belize and the rest of South America and the research and problems with the Tigers in central Asia. He speaks about mistakes, achievements, etc. dealing with groups with different interests (mining, development). Although it’s a video from 2012, I believe it’s still relevant and has a lot of messages and ideas in it. There is a reason who this is the number one inspirational talk. Also, check out my story about visiting Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary in Belize.

2. Richard Turere – My invention that made peace with lions

Richard is a guy from the Maasai community and he had to look after the livestock of his family. He is using an interesting technique with lights to scare off lions. Check out his little talk on TED Talks (2013).

3. James Borrell – Is there hope for conservation?

Dr. James Borrell is a conservation biologist. His main interest is focussed on genetics and creating awareness for conservation. In this inspirational talk, he highlights there is still place for optimism, and great things should happen within our lifespan to move forward in conservation.

His talk consists of 3 stories:

  • Madagascar: making tree planting cool
  • Conservation success stories: species coming back from the edge
  • The people themselves: everybody can do conservation!

Find more about Dr. James Borrell on his website and blog, which has some very interesting content.
Discover Conservation: http://www.discoverconservation.org/

4. John Kasaona – From poachers to caretakers

A success story from Namibia: Similar to Richards’ story (Nr. 2) about the tasks of protecting their livestock. John Kasaona speaks in his inspirational talk about dealing with traditions, former poachers, human wealth, etc. In this success story, they training local people and take on partnerships with larger organisations.

Check out more of their work:
IRDNC – Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation

5. Damien Mander – Modern Warrior

This is a very interesting story from a guy that once served the army. He described his skills as ‘build to destroy’. He changed from a guy not carrying about the environment to an environmentalist combating poaching.

6. Lian Pin Koh – A Drone’s eye view of conservation

Protection precious wildlife can be very time-consuming and physically demanding. Drones can be used to combat wildlife crime, but also to monitor the health of populations. In this video, you get more information about the different missions how drones are used in conservation or can be used. For example, finding orangutan nets, 3D forest models, thermal imaging to detect poachers, downloading camera trap and GPS collar data, and much more. Finally, Lian talks about the places they are using drones. (2013)

If this triggered you and you want to learn more, definitely check their website for tips, more blogs, and much more.
Conservation drones: https://conservationdrones.org/

7. Beverly & Dereck Joubert – Life lessons from big cats

Filmmakers and photographers, determinate day and night to capture great footage. They focus on the individual personality of animals – personal characters. Their adventures lead them to different places including the Okavango Botswana. In this video, they talk about the interaction between lions and hyenas, lions and elephants, leopards and humans, leopards and baboons.

8. Steve Michel – Living with wildlife

Steve Michel is a Human/Wildlife Conflict Specialist for Banff National Park in Canada. He strives to a better tolerance of bears (and other wildlife) by humans. In this inspirational talk, he stresses out the importance of the Grizzly bear in the ecosystem, the spiritual influence on humans, and how to deal with them. Our relationship with bears changed from intolerance, over ‘not in my backyard’ – tolerance, towards mutual tolerance and respect. They are doing a great job to keep improving the human-bear interaction by bear-proof bins, education (managing people instead of bears), wildlife crossings, etc.

Info on wildlife conflicts in Canada: http://www.wildsmart.ca/

Check out some of my stories during the fieldwork in the Canadian Rockies on grizzly bear habitat use.

I’m sure there are plenty of other great inspirational talks online, so please share them in the comments. Spread the worth and check out other articles on the Wildlife Impulse website. Also check out some of the books I enjoyed reading.

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