Wildlife News January 2018

Wildlife News January 2018

Check Out << Wildlife News – December 2017 << Wildlife News January 2018 >> Wildlife News – February 2018 >> Wildlife News January 2018 Wolf for the first time in Flanders, Belgium It was already mentioned on our facebook page, a collared wolf from a German research travelled 500 km in 10 days, passing through the Netherlands to finally spend some time in Belgium. It’s a female wolf with the name Naya. Soon she got into the media. To summarize, her stronghold is a military area in Limburg, Belgium. Not surprisingly, as it’s a restricted area where she can find peace and quietness. Up … Read more

Wildlife News December 2017

Wildlife News December 2017

Check Out<< Wildlife News – November 2017 <<   Wildlife News December 2017   >> Wildlife News – January 2018 >> Heart-breaking video of starving polar bear stirs controversy among conservationists I guess a lot of you have seen this picture/video passing by on their newsfeed. But overall, it’s a stage some polar bears are going through. It’s a tough time and some seasons are better to find food than others. Polar bears have this huge layer of fat to survive the cold, but also to survive periods which are less productive for finding food. In the end, polar bears are top predators … Read more

Wildlife News November 2017

Wildlife News – November 2017

Check Out<< Wildlife News – October 2017 <<   Wildlife News November 2017   >> Wildlife News – December 2017 >> Conservation Technology WWF (UK) has produced a couple of guidelines for using conservation technology. They cover three methods. Camera trapping Acoustic monitoring Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)  The website is very easy to use and has a lot of information available. The information varies from general knowledge to practical advice on planning and implementation. https://www.wwf.org.uk/conservationtechnology/Article: Mongabay – New resource for planning camera trapping, acoustic monitoring and LiDAR projects Interested in camera traps?Check out Camera traps: the basics & Bushnell NatureView review – … Read more

Wildlife News October 2017

Wildlife News – October 2017

Check Out<< Wildlife News – September 2017 <<   Wildlife News October 2017   >> Wildlife News – November 2017 >> This Wildlife News issue will be focused on a couple of articles. 19-October-2017: A wolf Sighting in the Netherlands (De Veluwe) There has been a new wolf sighting in the Netherlands. The number of sightings are adding up now, all lone wolves exploring new habitat. They are coming from Germany, where wolves are doing very well. A couple of links:Article in Dutch about the wolf sightingArticle in English about the wolf sighting Additionally, here is a map which gives a good overview … Read more

Wildlife News September 2017

Wildlife News – September 2017

Check Out<< Wildlife News – October 2017 <<   Wildlife News September 2017   >> Wildlife News – August 2017 >> Snow leopards not endangered anymore? The month September started off with some nice news: the Snow leopard is no longer ‘endangered’ on the IUCN Red List. Snow leopards went from the conservation status “endangered” to “vulnerable” on the IUCN list. Of course, this is positive news, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue trying to preserve this species, as they are still not saved from extinction (BBC News). For an endangered status, there need to be less than 2 500 mature individuals … Read more

News August 2017

Wildlife News – August 2017

Check Out<< Wildlife News – September 2017 <<   Wildlife News August 2017   >> Wildlife News – July 2017 >> How does wildlife respond to a total solar eclipse? On August 21st, 2017, people in the U.S. saw the dark disk of the moon drifting between the Earth and the Sun. This so called total solar eclipse is a very special experience for humans, but what do we know about how animals react to the abrupt darkness and air temperature drop? For sure we are not the only ones reacting to the effects of a total solar eclipse. Do cows really return … Read more

News July 2017

Wildlife News – July 2017

Check Out<< Wildlife News – August 2017 <<   Wildlife News July 2017   >> Wildlife News – June 2017 >> This newsletter focusses on what’s been happening in the world of wildlife conservation in a brought sense. This month, some of the topics are: the potentially upcoming lynx reintroduction in The U.K., what’s happening with the Białowieża forest, Journey of the Jaguar, hunting grounds in Flanders (Belgium), etc. And of course,  some videos to end with. Lynx Reintroduction Source: How to reintroduce carnivores and alienate people: A word of caution Here is a good article about the problems occurring during reintroduction projects and … Read more

News June 2017

Wildlife News – June 2017

With this wildlife news update, I want to get some attention on serious and less serious topics in the world of wildlife biology and beyond. Although this time it turned out to be a bit more to the funny side of wildlife biology. Check Out Wildlife News – July 2017 Shark Tourism: Is Ecotourism the Key to Saving Sharks? Usually, I’m more focused on terrestrial wildlife and research. But while surfing the web I caught my eye on this little series about shark tourism and how to convert fishermen into conservationists. The idea of wildlife tourism is usually the … Read more