Wildlife News – June 2017

With this wildlife news update, I want to get some attention on serious and less serious topics in the world of wildlife biology and beyond. Although this time it turned out to be a bit more to the funny side of wildlife biology.

Shark Tourism: Is Ecotourism the Key to Saving Sharks?

Usually, I’m more focused on terrestrial wildlife and research. But while surfing the web I caught my eye on this little series about shark tourism and how to convert fishermen into conservationists. The idea of wildlife tourism is usually the same, making more money with animals alive than dead. This series is 2 Episodes in, and it gives good examples from the field. The first one is about Mexico, the second was about the Bahamas.

New episodes should be released every Tuesday on FusionTV (starting June 13). Here is the announcement.

Although shark feeding is still controversial, I believe with the right protocols and arrangements, shark tourism can help saving sharks without making the sharks depending on the feeding etc…

Slovakia Turns Against its National Parks

This heading I could read on the news feed of mongabay.com. Slovakia is blamed for not taking care of their national parks enough. This is due to overdeveloping (buildings, ski slopes, …), a huge amount of logging, hunting, etc. and this all with few or none environmental doubts. This all could lead to declining wildlife populations.

Slovakia still has a lot to offer from nature and wildlife point of view, although I agree there is a lot of development and logging going on. Slovakia still has the 3 large predators (lynx, wolf, & bear) wandering around, as a lot of other charismatic species like capercaillie, chamois, marmot, red deer, etc. In this article, they focus on the capercaillie, the largest member of the grouse family. The capercaillie is dependent on old forest, which we are slowly losing. Apparently, their suitable habitat is disappearing rapidly (about 85% in the Carpathian Mountains of Central and Eastern Europe). As I side note I would like to add that although Slovakia has a lot of clear-cuts, it’s still a good place to enjoy nature and in my opinion one of the better places for wildlife watching. I included this article in my Wildlife News summary as it had a very nice video included (Preferable watch this video with sound, it starts with the typical noise of the capercaillie during mating season)

More information you can find in the article itself: ‘Who wants to go for holiday to see large clear-cuts?’: Slovakia turns against its national parks.

Want to know more about Slovakia? >> Check out our Slovakia Page

Slovakia is a great place to visit, both in winter and summer.

Arabian wolf hunts mountain goat

I only wanted to share this video of a wolf hunting a young mountain goat in Israel. It is very interesting and a behaviour not too many people would expect from wolves. But these Arabian wolves are leaving in an arid environment and have to adapt…
The full article you can read here on the Earth Touch News website.

טבע לייב מאבק דרמטי שיש רק בטבע. צפו>>> goo.gl/sCBhAz צילום: מתן בוגומולסקי, פקח רשות הטבע והגנים בשמורת הטבע עין גדי.

Posted by ‎רשות הטבע והגנים‎ on Monday, 19 June 2017

Bear is playing piano

The Washington Post reported with ‘Bear breaks into house, plays the piano but not very well”. Luckily these people had the great idea to install a security camera… Although it’s quite funny, the take home message should be not let a bear be able to come into your house.
The full article you can find here.

And to end a crazy encounter while mountainbiking

If I recall it correctly it was somewhere in the Czech Republic.

S medveďmi sa nám roztrhlo vrece..

Posted by Pohoria Slovenska on Monday, 8 May 2017

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